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Do you need content that reflects the true values of your company? 

I’m a well-versed digital marketer and have created, managed, optimized and consulted for social media accounts from multinational companies to boutique brands and entrepreneurs including but limited to Johnnie Walker, Toddlekind, Sonnema, Sparrow & Finch Boutique, Mouritshuidtherapie, Containr Affairs and many more. 

Although I specialise in fashion, beauty and beverages, I also have experience with business & life coaches, personal finance, fashion, beauty and more. 

When hired for a project I am entirely dedicated to helping you. This way you can rest assured that things will be taken care of whilst being supplied with exceptional quality results within the timeframe needed.

What I do

Social Media Management

Whether you're short on time, your account doesn't look the way you want or you're not getting results I have a solution.

Content creation, management, & optimization, Organic Traffic generation through engagement, Reporting etc.

Instagram • Facebook • Pinterest

Social Media Coach

Want to finally feel confident in what you're doing on Instagram, Facebook, Linked or Pinterest?
I offer one on one coaching either remotely or in-person to help you maximise your business' social platforms and help you get the results you want all by yourself! 
I offer both crash courses and on-going support.

Digital Strategy

It's important that all your platforms (website, social, email etc) work together. Strategic guidance on how to integrate and optimize your marketing across all platforms. This can include SEO strategy to get more people coming to your website and social platforms e.g. more traffic and exposure from search engines.


You need to sell yourself or your business to consumers in such a way that they become customers and advocates of whatever you are selling. 

Everything from web copy & newsletters to increase conversions, SEO optimized blog posts and Social media content.

English • French • Dutch


Fast translations to and from French & English & Dutch.

Including web copy, cosmetic packaging, marketing materials, newsletters, social media content. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch for a quote. 

Something else?

I'm versatile and open to new projects!

If you have something specific in mind or need help figuring out how to improve your businesses online presence just get in touch and we can work on the perfect solution for your business.

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What people are saying 

Saskia was a delight to work with, I reached out to Saskia as I needed to get some website copy done. Saskia took the time to research who my clients were, what the best way to speak to them was and from that develop the copy to really connect with the readers. Extremely professional, I thoroughly recommend her.


—  Steven Haggerty, Business Coach

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We’ll discuss where you're currently at both from a digital and strategy perspective, what you’re looking to achieve and what we can do to get you there.
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